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Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

In North America, wind turbines stand at an average of 80m in height. They are complicated machines with multiple moving parts that are capable of failure, and – by necessity of design – minimize internal operating space. Accessing crucial compartments to perform routine monitoring is therefore challenging, time-consuming, and risky. A turbine manufacturer envisioned another way, only made possible by BossPac systems.


  • Moving Parts at Extreme Height
  • Wind Turbines Hard to Inspect
  • Small Confined Space
  • Personnel Risk
  • Vibration Trend Difficult to Acquire

Technology Used


With a range of 300m, WaspNEST sensors are perfectly capable of delivering data to a ground-level operator from the summit of an average wind turbine. The sensors’ small scale negates issues of space, and their wireless technology removes the need to install further wired systems in an already crowded environment. When the full array of up to 65 sensors are working in synchronization, they deliver accurate vibration data that enables valuable trending and prediction to help prevent failure.


With just a single MobiNEST receiver, an operator can now traverse an entire wind farm and take multiple readings from multiple sensors without having to enter a single turbine. This not only improves safety and worker well-being, it is a far quicker and more economical solution that provides continuous near real-time data streams – data that is proven to predict and prevent bearing failure.

Safeguard your workers and safeguard your operations at the same time. No matter the demands of your industry, BossPac can adapt and deliver.