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Mining Conveyor Bearings

Conveyance systems are critical to mining operations, consistently moving heavy loads in remote locations. When they fail the entire operation comes to a halt, meaning profit comes to a halt, too. Traditional vibration condition monitoring has struggled to adapt to the scale and demands of the structures and the environments they work in, and data that could potentially prevent catastrophic incidents has therefore been difficult to acquire. That is, provided you stick to traditional methods. A client reached out to BossPac to explore the possibilities our new technology represents for the mining industry.


  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Remote Location
  • Harsh Environment
  • Shutdown Very Expensive
  • Vibration Trend Difficult to Acquire

Technology Used


With 65 magnetically coupled WaspNEST sensors reporting to a single receiver, monitoring a large area is easy. Tested for heat resistance and impact protection, installing a chain of sensors is a simple operation that can be performed without shutdown, even in challenging conditions. When properly linked, the sensors deliver accurate and precise vibration data that can be used to construct trending models, the long-term analysis of which results in successful incident prediction alerts.


Previously, the idea of a single technician being able to monitor an entire conveyance system was considered infeasible. Now, with the plug-and-play set up of WaspNEST, that infeasibility becomes a thing of the past. WaspNEST successfully stands up to the tough physical environment, helping to prevent bearing failure through advanced insight.

It’s time to start re-evaluating what’s possible in your industry – don’t let yesterday’s technology weight you down.