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Roller Mill Condition Monitoring

As equipment gets older, two problems emerge: an increased risk of failure and incompatibility with modern technology. An agricultural feed processor was experiencing a range of problems due to its decades-old equipment, culminating in an expensive critical failure on a roller drum mill bearing. The operator didn’t want to perform costly replacements, and neither did they want to passively wait for the next failure. They needed a cutting-edge monitoring solution that could proactively warn them when predictive maintenance was required while being capable of seamlessly integrating with dated 20th century technology. BossPac had the answer.


  • Moving Parts Critical For Operation
  • Very Expensive Repair for Failure
  • Dirty and Difficult Environment
  • Older Equipment
  • Low Cost Operation

Technology Used


BossPac’s WaspNEST sensors are perfectly calibrated for an industrial or agricultural environment and built tough enough to withstand impacts and extreme temperatures. Their small size (less than 3” a side) and easy magnetic installation system means they can be installed almost anywhere, and start delivering valuable data in a minimal timeframe. On-board systems perform simple data acquisition, providing accurate vibration data for trending models, and allowing potential hazards to be identified early.


The entirety of the client’s system is now monitored with a single MobiNEST platform, allowing a solo operator to easily keep watch over multiple large-scale machines and saving time and money. WaspNEST sensors have stood up to the harsh environment, performing at maximum capacity despite challenging conditions and helping to prevent further bearing failure.

Our tech isn’t just for the tech sector – it can help any industry overcome its limitations. Give your operations a boost, and discover what we can do for you.