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Air Handling Unit Monitoring

In a hospital, Air Handling Units are critical building infrastructure, making sure air circulates freely and maintaining a steady temperature for patient comfort. Continual operation on schedule is mandatory. However, the rooms which house the AHU’s moving parts are too hot to enter when in operation, leaving a monitoring blackspot where potential risks can go unnoticed. Previously, the only option was to perform a very costly shutdown to perform routine inspections. BossPac’s equipment changed the game.


  • Class I Div I Location
  • Remote Location
  • Critical Service
  • Shutdown Very Expensive

Technology Used


By utilizing WaspNEST sensors in conjunction with a MobiNEST receiver, hospital staff cam now perform remote data acquisition without shutting down the Air Handling Units. The magnetic plug-and-play sensors are easy to install in multiple locations throughout the apparatus, with just one MobiNEST receiver able to receive data from up to 65 sensors in perfect synchronization. Thanks to WaspNEST’s CSA Explosion Proof Certification, temperature is not an issue, and the sensors deliver both daily waveform reporting and long-term temperature and vibration trending.


Thanks to BossPac’s technology, data can now be continuously acquired without risk to personnel or halting operations in a fraction of the time it took before. All monitoring is available to view and analyze on a standard desktop computer, allowing long-term trending to be easily accessed. The Air Handling Units are therefore easier, safer, and cheaper to monitor with a far greater degree of accuracy.

The potential of this technology goes far beyond hospitals – what critical areas of your operations need a constant eye keeping a steady watch over them?