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Compressor Fault Protection

Oil and gas extraction and transport is a significant industry in western Canada, with potentially millions of dollars on the line on even the smallest operation. Operators need gear they can trust to function in both freezing cold and extreme heat, sometimes hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town. One midstream operator using Ariel Compressors in just such a remote location wanted to improve their compressor fault protection. Enter Bosspac.


  • Class I Div II Location
  • High Temperature Mounting Point
  • Shutdown Extremely Costly
  • Critical Service

Technology Used


BossPac’s versatile WaspNEST sensors provide a range of monitoring capabilities, including knock detection, valve leak detection, cross head monitoring, and long-term vibration trending – all vital data on an oil and gas operation. The sensors are safe to install even around potentially volatile chemicals thanks to CSA Explosion Proof Certification and have been tested and proven in extreme temperatures. When working in a chain, multiple alarm points can analyze readings and identify maintenance events proactively.


Ease of installation means no shutdown was required to install the sensors, and their fully wireless communication technology removed the need to perform additional costly electrical work in a remote location. The reams of new data the sensors continuously delivered have since allowed the client to perform detailed trend building, including verified early failure detection. Their operation is now safer, smarter, and more functionally aware.

BossPac’s technology is just at home in the city as it is in the remote wilderness – no matter your location, our powerful tools are ready to slot in and start delivering the actionable intelligence you need to excel.