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Broken Rail Detection

Rail networks in North America are vast in scale, subjected to baking sun and freezing heat, and handle hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cargo per day. A rail break isn’t a matter of if – it’s when. Failing to notice a rail break in time can lead to large-scale catastrophe that costs lives, but continual monitoring of hundreds of kilometres of railway was considered a logistical impossibility. Until now. A Class 1 Railway operator reached out to BossPac to install BossPac Rail Sensors (BRSs) along dark spots in its network.


  • Dark Network Regions
  • Derailments are Dangerous and Expensive
  • Heavily-Regulated Industry
  • Extreme Weather

Technology Used


Cost-effective and easy to install, BRSs are an ultra-low-power wireless communications device that runs primarily on solar power. They don’t need to be wired up to a power grid, and advanced self-healing mesh technology means that if one node in the chain goes down the other nodes can automatically compensate, ensuring unbroken data relay. This makes them the ideal integrated dark network communications platform, able to self-sufficiently monitor rail integrity and communicate potential risks and hazards no matter the location. Simply put: where once there was darkness, now there is light.


BRSs provide feedback to key personnel in seconds, to both stationary headquarters and to trains in motion. This unprecedented level of awareness is a major new ally in the prevention of rail derailments. The technology has been successfully fully commercialized on a Class 1 Railway and serves as an available platform for future data acquisition.

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