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We supply condition monitoring systems and services to a wide range of companies in different industries throughout the world.

Wireless Monitoring Systems for Vibration and Temperature | BossPac
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BossPac supplies condition monitoring and wireless low power communication systems and services to a wide range of companies in different industries throughout the world.

BossPac’s wireless low power systems and sensors ensure that our client’s facilities and networks are condition monitored and that data can move in and out of remote locations.

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Wireless Monitoring Systems

WASP wireless sensors can be used for short term or permanent long term condition monitoring applications. The WASP records and transmits vibration FFT, together with triaxial vibration and temperature overalls (envelope and time waveform can be acquired if requested).

Depending on the configured setup and the environment, battery lifetime of several years can be achieved.

Sensors are time synced so that on a periodic basis data is captured across the WASP network at the same time. In addition, the WASP sensor can be configured to real time monitor for shocks that exceed configured levels.

Our magnet based hazardous class 1 div 2 certified sensors can be deployed in minutes, reducing costly installations by eliminating hard wiring.

Our Solutions

At Bosspac, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art continuous impact monitoring WASP and NEST solutions. WASP allows for options in various monitoring applications that traditional monitoring solutions by nature cannot compete with. By being entirely wireless, WASP is entirely wireless and is free to go wherever, whenever, as a temporary or permanent solution.

When synchronized to NEST, the “hivemind” that collects WASP data wirelessly from all sensors in it’s range, data collection becomes a more streamlined process when monitoring multiple sensors. Like the WASP sensors it connects to, NEST comes in a variety of solutions to best optimize both the cost, efficiency and scale of any monitoring operation.

Browse our solutions and see how Bosspac’s monitoring systems and services can help ensure optimal operations conditions and avoid costly repairs.

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