WASP Vibration and Temperature Sensor

Wireless Monitoring Systems

WASP wireless sensors can be used for short term or permanent long term condition monitoring applications. The WASP records and transmits vibration FFT, together with triaxial vibration and temperature overalls (envelope and time waveform can be acquired if requested).
Depending on the configured setup and the environment, battery lifetime of several years can be achieved.
Sensors are time synced so that on a periodic basis date is captured across the WASP network at the same time. In addition, the WASP sensor can be configured to real time monitor for shocks that exceed configured levels.
Our magnet based hazardous class 1 div 2 certified sensors can be deployed in minutes, reducing costly installations by eliminating hard wiring.

Product Features
  • Continuous impact monitoring
  • Identify vibration issues with process changes at high speed
  • 300m (1000ft) wireless transmission range
  • Selectable update interval 2s to 10 min
  • Measure acceleration, velocity and temperature
  • Measure all 3 axis
  • Easy installation and may not require equipment shutdown
  • Magnetically coupled, >50lbs pull force
  • Raw wave form data mesurments
  • Future firmware feature: Spectrum
  • Up to 3-year lithium metal battery life (data transfer and temperature dependent)
  • Vibration frequency range of 2.5 to 1000 Hz
  • Acceleration amplitude range of -32 to +32 G’s
  • 2.4 GHz Unlicensed ISM Band Operation


  • CSA Class 1, Div 2 certified
  • ATEX Zone 2 (Gas/Vapour) Certified